TIME: Thursday, 31 March 2016 - 19:30


Through modelling, Jelena got her first taste for business, with the tough competitive nature of the industry instilling her with the invaluable skills of negotiation, organisation and the determination to succeed. After fifteen years in the industry, Jelena’s evolved business savvy awoke a desire for a new challenge - to become an entrepreneur - using the extensive insider knowledge of the fashion industry as her key.

Initially branching into beauty salons, a five-star nursery and multi-speciality health clinic – all developed for her own growing family’s needs – Jelena soon began to establish a successful business empire. However, inspired by her art teacher mother, Jelena’s passion for creativity had always been a driving force of her personality, so it seemed only natural that her ambitions would eventually take her down a design route. With her new life in the East a direct contrast to her Western roots, Jelena soon found a niche in the fashion industry for beautiful bespoke gowns that transcended both cultures - ultimately leading to the launch of her own fashion label, Jelena by Jelena J. Bin Drai.