Orchid was born in November 1989 in the United States and has since also lived in Germany, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. Experiencing such diverse surroundings have given her an innovative, modern perspective on design with a vast understanding of global cultures. Raised with constant interaction with varying industries and businesses, she was from a very young age exposed to the importance of aesthetics and the power of visual languages in various fields. Her design aesthetic is described by peers as "direct yet experimental" and "poetic" in her own words. Her projects often involve a variety of conceptual and contextual styles while always comprising a clean and contemporary feel and often relating to nature, and the overall human experience.


A couture house and ready-to-wear brand based in Dubai, ORKALIA's aesthetic represents timeless elegance infused with modern sophistication. Driven by the individuality of its distinguished clients whose impeccable taste is reflected in the attention to detail, ORKALIA prides itself with being at the forefront of neo-couture, combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics and applications.