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Website: www.danehfashion.com
Show Timing: Hall 2 - 14:30 Sunday, 12 April 2015

In 2010, Daneh Buahmad launched her distinctively free-spirited clothing brand, DANEH. Her designs are dedicated to the down-to-earth woman: chic and easily wearable.
In retrospect, Daneh’s path was clearly meant to be in fashion. As a child, she enjoyed clothes and effortlessly created her own original outfits. During her academic years, she put aside her imagination and creativity to study computer science and then focus on interactive multimedia. After working in the IT field for several years, Daneh’s instincts revived her true love. So, she delved into the fashion world by spending a few summers at Central Saint Martins in London in order to gain experience and improve her design skills. Daneh was stimulated by her main motivation: to create urban casual wear which is comfortable yet edgy, fun and trendy.
Daneh’s surroundings in her everyday life are a constant source of revelations for her designs: her mother’s long-forgotten wardrobe, her surroundings, her refreshing holiday escapes or simply what she is feeling at the time. All of these exposures impact Daneh as she explores new ideas and pushes boundaries.
In each collection, Daneh designs for the active and practical woman who craves effortlessly flattering clothes. With a keen eye and visual imagination for the fit, style, color, and material, Daneh’s clothes are attractive and functional.
Now, in her 11th collection, DANEH designs have evolved into more sophisticated and experimental cuts, structuring different cotton fabrics whilst maintaining a laid-back yet bold aura that defines her. Her love-forever pieces include hot tops, cool jumpsuits and easy dresses some of which feature unique Middle Eastern motifs.
A celebration of womanliness, mixing high-end quality with street-wear style, the DANEH collection is laid back yet striking, innovative yet timeless and versatile enough for downtown days or uptown nights.