TIME: Sunday, 23 October 2016 - 18:30


An avid traveler and lover of the fine arts, Amira Haroon cites growing up in Saudi Arabia as an important influence on her creative journey as a designer, crediting the region for giving her an opportunity to take from its rich culture and infuse it with her own expression. Later on she studied fashion design at Parsons School of Fashion, Paris. Her wanderlust, along with an abiding love for excellent craftsmanship, vintage pieces and all things Art Deco led to a vivid mood board for what would become the Amira Haroon brand. Having travelled extensively what struck Haroon the most was that women across the globe wanted the same thing as women around her: to be timeless, yet à la mode.

She launched her own label in 2010. Significantly, Haroon is very proud of the fact that her label is made entirely in Dubai. Her signature style fuses modernity with culture, versatility and a decidedly Parisian je ne sais quoi. The Amira Haroon muse is an intellectual gypsy living in a floating world, traveling through time and cultures. Haroon designs for the confident, thinking woman who allows her style to change and evolve with her travels, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.