Caterina Occhio

PANEL DISCUSSION: Why Ethical Fashion Matters
LOCATION: d3 Fashion talks
TIME: Friday, 1 April 2016, 16:30



Caterina Occhio is a former development aid manager with over 15 years experience in supporting employment and institutional reform. 

Occhio worked extensively for the European Commission, different UN agencies and from 2002, she specialized in the socio-economic integration of women. In 2007, she became the secretary-general of the SEED Foundation and led two projects for socio-economic insertion of battered women in Turkey. In 2010 she was EU Policy adviser in social protection for the new employment strategy in Tunisia.

In her quest to help and improve women’s conditions in the MENA region, in 2013 Occhio took a leap of faith and launched SeeMe, the only fair trade verified brand of the region. The heart, iconic symbol of the brand, was born while walking through the souks and back streets of the middle east. 

Selected as pioneer of ethical fashion by the Ethical Fashion Forum, Occhio has been invited in 2015 by Suzy Menkes to be speaker on fair luxury as future luxury trend, at Conde Nast International conference on Luxury. The same year, Glamour Italia selected her amongst the most glamour and committed women of the year and Lancia chose Occhio as one of the inspiring women portrayed for the lunch of the new Y10.