Designer and Creative Director Nasiba Hafiz started the brand in 2011. She graduated from The London School of Fashion studying fashion photography and styling post graduation she started working in retail. born, to Saudi late Publisher Hisham Hafiz and Nasiba Tarabzouni (yes she was named after her mother) both with an eccentric sense of style; Being a trendsetter Her Mother Played a big inspirational roll to Nasiba Hafiz.

Nasiba Hafiz was never afraid to experiment with fabrics and silhouettes she's infused with music, musical plays and movies,legendary Egyptian actresses she’s in love with the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s


Jeddah based brand NASIBA HAFIZ  launch their new collection for Spring/Summer 2016 at Fashion Forward Dubai. The collection featuring a mixture of contemporary dresses, vests, shorts, skirts ...This is one of her most exciting collections since the birth of the brand in 2011. Whilst Nasiba Hafiz continues to flourish, the brand retains a powerful-yet-eccentric signature style with whimsical Rock N’ Roll inspired details and flirtatious silhouettes. Those elements have become synonymous with the brands aesthetic.

Eyes and Lips play a prominent part in the collection “ ROCK N’ BIBA" which sees the brands first leather infused fabrics adorned with multi coloured, comic style Eyes and Lips as well as the usage of vintage ties in skirts and tops. 

 “Rock N’ BIBA” is inspired by music, rock and roll and Jim Morrison; However the main source of inspiration for Nasiba Hafiz comes from the women she designs for , they’re ambitious, experimental, fun, powerful, and Unique.