Nafsika Skourti is half Greek, half Jordanian and half internet. In 2012 she graduated from Central Saint Martins where she was trained, educated and sleep deprived. She previously worked at Marchesa in New York and also trained in haute couture embroidery at passementerie École Lesage. In September 2014 she debuted in Paris with ‘9 to 5’, an exten-sion and elaboration of her graduate collection. The collection was bought in its entirety by leading retailer Joyce Hong Kong. This isn’t a one man show - God was kind enough to give her a sis-ter that completes the team. Stephanie is the left brain of the op-eration and together they hope to build something modern and fresh.


A contemporary brand interested in new ideas and modern clothes. Collections are built around an eclectic use of custom developed fabrics, a focus on tailoring, and subverting familiar pieces with sub-tle design features. Our process is grounded in research and experi-mentation, always in search of contrasting elements we can cross-pollinate. We keep pushing until we reach unfamiliar territory, whether that be via embroidery, print, or garment construction. Once the ele-ments in our (new) vocabulary are set, we look to translate our crea-tive impulses into desirable, cool, beautifully made products. Para-phrasing bold concepts and luxury into a visual language more colloquial, more provocative, more real. Did we use enough adjectives?