Mashael AlRajhi is a designer who has built an atelier that has the artisan's value for
perfection in an unlikely equilibrium with an artist's passion to create. She has managed to
create a fashion emporium in her hometown of Riyadh.

Using a degree in business and fashion design as her compass, Mashael has devoted
herself to a never-ending sartorial expedition towards existential discovery.

In the pivotal year of 2013, MASHAEL ALRAJHI, the luxury fashion brainchild was born. At
the core of the brand is a vow of authenticity--- denouncing tangential conventions and
personal revolt against blind conformity.

Such mindset on fashion as a form of wearable thinking has been well received in the
region and beyond. Currently, the brand is being stocked by retailers who share a similar
vision; such as Harvey Nichols, ETRE Luxury Department stores and concept boutiques.
One of the milestone of the House this year is its debut in Paris and London; where it has
received positive recognition for its off-center approach to style.


MASHAEL ALRAJHI is a contemporary luxury brand that is a mix of minimalism and avant
garde sophistication to create experimental casual designs and evening wear. The brand
takes pride in its modern outlook while drawing key inspirations from its arabesque roots.
The result is a fashion label that is progressive, playful and conceptual--- producing designs
that leave plenty of room for the patron’s imagination.

As a label, MASHAEL ALRAJHI is devoted to excellence and quality that gives justice to its
patrons. It revives artisanship handiwork amalgamated with inventive modern techniques to
create original collections. The atelier is a laboratory where ingenious hands delve into
novel and unorthodox methods to build designs that reflect the labor and time invested in
their creation. This cannot be more apparent than what the House has in store for its
upcoming collection; with a turn towards digital techniques and artwork manipulation to
achieve what is again anticipated to be a bold and thought provoking series.