Contemporary  designer  Zena  Presley  launches  debut  womenswear  Autumn Winter 15 collection.
Based on Zena Presley’s affinity with creating affordable clothing that embodies the freedom of self-­‐expression and individuality, her debut collection conveys her exquisite signature style with art inspired prints. 

The  self  entitled  brands  ethos  stems  from  the  encouragement  of  diversity  within  today’s  multi cultural world of religion and races. This is evoked throughout her debut collection by collaborating  with  a  miscellaneous  range  of  artists  from  numerous  nationalities  spanning  from central Europe to Africa to Northern America. 

Zena’s  inspirational  muse  behind  her  debut  collection  comes  from  her  love  of  African  heritage, which is rich in emotions and compelling anecdotes. Her collection represents the vast  juxtapositions  of  the  colorful  and  vibrant  Africa  contrasted  with  the  vivid  imagery  of  struggle, fight, survival and hope.  

Zena’s affection for unconventional clothing stems from her seeking pieces that stand out by evoking  an  underlying  cultural  story.  Through  collaborating  with  international  artists  whom  commission  patterns  and  prints  for  her  debut  collection,  her  signature  style  has  been established.  The  Zena  Presley  customer  is  someone  who  has  a  passion  for  the  beauty  and  cultural underlings of art, someone whom loves to take risks and stand out and uses fashion and clothing to express their individuality. 

The 15 piece capsule womenswear collection includes shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets and tops in  minimalistic  cuts  with  the  focus  being  on  the  elaborate  prints  and  emotion  evoking  imagery.  The  collections  effortless  wearability  is  transeasonal  with  elaborate  prints advocating Zena Presley’s signature style of self-­‐expression and art.