Launched in 2002 in the UAE, Amato (Beloved in Italian) is the brainchild of the much-awarded creative designer Furne One, who partnered with textile expert Rashid Ali, to build this avant garde label.

From the very first collection Amato touched a chord with the region’s fashion elite. Inviting UAE’s beautiful women to a style renaissance, Amato broke the glass ceiling through a symphony of style and creativity.

Words like ‘inspiring, intriguing, innovative’ are compliments showered by Amato’s discerning clientele on Creative Director Furne One every time he creates bespoke ensembles. Inspired by the evolution of UAE, the label was built simultaneously on similar founding principles- creative culture, eco-friendly ethics and fair policies. Reviving and rejuvenating local talents, working and training the region’s multi-cultural artisans, Amato’s signature collections are seen as timeless modern classics that are collector’s items. “Meshing cultures, using the region’s rare arts, layering it with eastern and western elements, I create unique pieces for my urbane and globalized clients, reflecting their personal and cultural identities,” Furne says.

With an inherent passion for couture, Furne fearlessly shows out-of-the-box, unconventional yet outstandingly chic collections. Not a trend follower, he uses his fabric as a canvas for creating art that has the functionality of fashion. From his first collection “Unveiled Soul 2004” until the “Last Confessions of Matahari 2012”, every ensemble is a tribute to the silent strength of women. “My creativity is inspired by my mother and grandmother’s quintessential style that coloured my vision. I have always tried to create exquisite and ethereal design tempered with a silent touch of strength. My collections aren’t for the faint hearted woman, but one who is comfortable in her skin; her ensembles are but a foil to reflect her inner persona.” Amato started as a dream between two creative entrepreneurs, based on a few core values – cutting edge creativity, design as art-form, commitment to reflect community commitment, to revive rare embellishments ethically, using the principles of fair trade. Today Amato employs a team of 47 and works with almost 86 industry experts and has grown organically.

In keeping with couture traditions, Amato textures its own fabrics, fashioning lavish materials, detained with rare embellishment techniques. Using signature cuts, Amato has a visual directory that goes from romantic Shakespearean tales of a different era to the sensual styling of Mata Hari meeting modern Hoochi Mama – their creative team seeks to push style’s envelope. “We want to create a visual and sensory experience for our clientele,” Rashid and Furne explain. Reflecting this aspect of the label, it consistently pushes parameters, evolving from being a Dubai label into a global one. Working the fashion week circuit in Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Miami, Amato has been winning accolades for every showing. Amato is UAE’s first global designer brand that has earned itself an international cult following – from royalty to international celebrities – super-model Heidi Klum, singing sensations Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger, Carrie Underwood and Amber Rose all are loyal patrons of this label.


Celebrated for his natural ability to craft extravagant and artistic designs, Furne One, the Dubai-based designer of Amato, is renowned for his creativity and natural panache to transcend everyday trends into classic works of art. From ethereal bridal wear to playful prêt-a-porter, Amato collections are all about celebrating the real woman – expressive, opinionated, and quirky, with soaring self-respect and the confidence to revel in the power of her femininity.

Amato Haute Couture’s signature flair, using an enchanting mix of rich textures and lavish materials with a heavy emphasis on luxurious detailing and embellishment, reflects elegance, aesthetics and energy in equal measure. Inspirations range from romantic Shakespearean tales and vintage postcards to the vibrancy of new-age cities and the dramatics of a corpse bride.




Dany Tabet was born and raised in the colorful mosaic regions of Lebanon, where he developed his inspirations early on from the general beauty of the land and its people.  At a very young age, he began sketching and bringing his cultural inspirations to life through womenswear. Women’s couture gowns and eveningwear became the outlet for his enchanted concepts and vivid imagination.

He later began his extensive travels to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia where his talents and couture creations became a necessity for women of high-society and influence. He was called upon to create custom couture pieces for a variety of international actresses, socialites, and influencers. Dany Tabet has since been referred to as one of the most talented designers of the Arab world.

Dany Tabet celebrates the shape and beauty of women by creating one of a kind, custom pieces that exude timeless elegance. A true master in the art of the silhouette, Dany Tabet designs accentuate the feminine form, concealing main parts of the body while revealing others through skilled and tasteful fabric construction. Showcasing the best attributes of a woman’s body and ultimately making them feel beautiful from both inside and out is Dany Tabet’s mission. The collection portrays a signature of true luxury and glamour.

In 2007, Dany Tabet opened his first atelier, and immediately began to diligently embark on the development of his couture label. After conducting his first fashion show in Beirut in 2009, his widespread reputation for creating exquisite evening gowns with the finest workmanship further prevailed. Currently, Dany Tabet has shown his collections in New York, Paris, Milano, Moscow, Hong Kong, Beirut and Istanbul. His Spring/Summer 2015 collection ''Smoke and mirrors'' was shown during Dubai fashion week in the fall of 2014, garnishing rave reviews and media attention.

Today, the fashion house includes; a couture line, a Prêt-a-Porter collection and an exclusive made-to-measure couture bridal salon. The brand will expand even further to include its own line of evening handbags to accompany its signature couture gowns.

Between the beautiful land and people of Lebanon, to the modern styles that influence him on the streets of New York, Paris and Milan, Dany Tabet’s vision continues to manifest into his collections. Dany Tabet is a breath of fresh air in the luxury womenswear industry, and is quickly establishing himself as a household name.

“Some people walk on sidewalks, others on Red Carpets, both are stimulation to my eyes, brain, and imagination.” -Dany Tabet




As a Lebanese fashion designer based in Dubai, Dima founded her label after noticing a gap in the market for fashion that was both forward thinking and accessible. Establishing her eponymous label in 2010, her designs are a celebration of the female form.

Voted as ‘Best Regional Designer’ at the 2014 Grazia Style Awards, Ayad has already made her mark on the local industry and is currently being stocked in S*uce Boutique in Dubai, Chamber Gyld in Amman, Per Lei Couture in Doha and Cream Boutique in Jeddah.




Meaning, “the merging of two,” Endemage embodies ethnic chic and luxury, through a range of ultra-elegant, floor-skimming, East meets- West designs as well as modern and on-trend separates.

The sisters behind Endemage, Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani, are focused on offering a fresh approach to contemporary womenswear in the Middle East.

While their work is intrinsically tied to their heritage and culture, the sisters are dedicated to forging a new path for Middle Eastern fashion through their offering of edgy, modern take on luxury dressing.




Fatema Al Fardan, the creative director and owner of Fatema Fardan Designs is a UAE (Emirati) national; she graduated from Regents University in London with a First Degree Honors in Fashion Design and Marketing. Fatema’s expertise involves envisioning and constructing garments, developing technical drawings, cutting patterns, embroidering

items and dying fabrics. Having recently returned to the UAE Fatema has just launched her second collection for AW15.


The Fatema Fardan label was born in the UAE with a mantra of making elegant, glamorous clothes for the career oriented woman, the go-getter aged 24 to 50.    To succeed in their careers, we believe that women no longer to have to act and dress like men, with strict dress codes. They don't have to wear boring blouses, dull skirts and dim trousers just because they are smart and powerful. “Overtly feminine but not femme fatale”, we are a high end fashion brand that empowers working women as well as mothers, wives, socialites, and fashionistas.    Mixing different cultures, styles and elements using traditional and un- conventional fabrics alike, Fatema Fardan dresses a silhouette inspired by the 20's, 50's, or 70's, in a relevant cultural context.   The signature detail is central to this brand and was inspired by the founder’s love of art. A love that also inspires her when designing her own prints.   Very versatile, Fatema Fardan designs have an inspirational mix of style, attention to detail and desirability that makes you want to wear them differently every day.    We look to global fashion and lifestyle trends for inspiration when designing collections, but we are not a slave to fashion.    We pride ourselves on designing clothes fit for the career wardrobe while still making you look and feel femininely fabulous; the ultimate proof that beauty also comes with brains.   Characterized by creative combinations and elegant originality that inspire subtle authority, our brand epitomizes the very essence of feminine chic.




House of Nomad is an innovative fashion brand based in Dubai co-founded by two creative individuals; Ahmed El-Sayed & Saleh Al-Banna. Ahmed graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and now works as a fashion content editor. While Saleh Al-Banna graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from The American University in Dubai with experience in running his multinational family business.

The label is based on the premise of a Nomad: a wanderer with no geographic boundaries, living in perpetual motion from one temporary dwelling to another. The regional style-set have already adopted the Nomad lifestyle, and the designer’s unique concept is sure to make an impact this season.




Hussein Bazaza is a Lebanese fashion designer; one of the Middle East’s finest emerging labels and architects in his discipline and an expert in his field.

During his academic path, his work has been compensated by many awards which include the Fashion Design Prize (Prix De Stylisme) for his graduation project in 2011. After achieving a double major in Fashion Design and Pattern Making at ESMOD Beirut, he continued with an internship at Maison Rabih Kayrouz in Paris and for Elie Saab as a junior designer in Beirut.

Bazaza is known for drawing inspirations, where every cut reflects a different story, a personal emotion that creates a one-of-a-kind experience, fashion with a soul. In December 2012, he was selected by the Starch Foundation to launch his eponymous line of ready-to-wear.

Bazaza recently won the Elle Style Awards ‘Best Upcoming Middle East Designer’, unanimously voted by 44 global Elle editors.




Born in the city of Zabalj, Serbia in 1979, Jelena Jakovljevic Bin Drai was raised by teacher parents, who instilled strong educational values within her and brother, Pedja. Despite a loving family upbringing, Jelena’s childhood wasn’t without its drama, with the air raid sirens of the 1990s Serbia-Bosnia-Croatia war a vivid memory - one which she credits as character building - as she wondered if she would ever step outside the Serbian borders.

Encouraged by her parents, Jelena channelled her energy into education, training in architecture, business, and later proudly earning her Master’s in Economics and Diplomacy. It was during her studies that she first got a taste for modelling, entering the industry professionally at 19 and soon earning the coveted title of Miss Yugoslavia in 1998 – being the first competitor to ever win three of five titles within the same pageant; Miss Yugoslavia, Miss Internet (the people’s favourite) and Miss Photogenic. Jelena’s modelling career took her on a global tour, with a brief stint living in Italy before arriving on Dubai’s shores in October 2001, as one of the region’s first supermodels.




A high-end ready-to-wear label created in November 2013 in Paris. The name of the brand represents the designer & founder of the company.

It all started in 2007 when the designer moved to Paris to pursue her dream of becoming one the first new emerging Lebanese designers in the fashion industry internationally.

After finishing her studies at Parsons Paris she trained at some of the most respected fashion houses including Balmain, Rad Hourani, Reed Krakoff which helped her develop her own unique style of bold feminine designs.

The collection is thought according to discernible and inspiring cultural referents, in outlines or details, and are made to be worn by independent and passionate women of our time.




Mashael AlRajhi is a designer who has built an atelier that has the artisan's value for
perfection in an unlikely equilibrium with an artist's passion to create. She has managed to
create a fashion emporium in her hometown of Riyadh.

Using a degree in business and fashion design as her compass, Mashael has devoted
herself to a never-ending sartorial expedition towards existential discovery.

In the pivotal year of 2013, MASHAEL ALRAJHI, the luxury fashion brainchild was born. At
the core of the brand is a vow of authenticity--- denouncing tangential conventions and
personal revolt against blind conformity.

Such mindset on fashion as a form of wearable thinking has been well received in the
region and beyond. Currently, the brand is being stocked by retailers who share a similar
vision; such as Harvey Nichols, ETRE Luxury Department stores and concept boutiques.
One of the milestone of the House this year is its debut in Paris and London; where it has
received positive recognition for its off-center approach to style.


MASHAEL ALRAJHI is a contemporary luxury brand that is a mix of minimalism and avant
garde sophistication to create experimental casual designs and evening wear. The brand
takes pride in its modern outlook while drawing key inspirations from its arabesque roots.
The result is a fashion label that is progressive, playful and conceptual--- producing designs
that leave plenty of room for the patron’s imagination.

As a label, MASHAEL ALRAJHI is devoted to excellence and quality that gives justice to its
patrons. It revives artisanship handiwork amalgamated with inventive modern techniques to
create original collections. The atelier is a laboratory where ingenious hands delve into
novel and unorthodox methods to build designs that reflect the labor and time invested in
their creation. This cannot be more apparent than what the House has in store for its
upcoming collection; with a turn towards digital techniques and artwork manipulation to
achieve what is again anticipated to be a bold and thought provoking series.



Sheikha Madiyah Al Sharqi, daughter of the Ruler of Fujairah, U.A.E, HH Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, grew up immersed in high fashion. From an early age she witnessed tailors custom make lavish gowns and fell in love with the design process. Her eponymous label was launched after graduating from the prestigious French fashion university, Esmod and interning under renowned Lebanese designer Abed Mahfouz.


This season Al Sharqi offers effortless eveningwear with an updated edge, evolving the traditional vision of elegance. The stunning Spring/Summer collection features a sixties influence, and see’s Al Sharqi skillfully combine neon jacquards with subtle crocheted lace. The collection features an array of garments, from gowns to jumpsuits – injecting timeless silhouettes with fresh colours and fabrics without losing Al Sharqi’s regal sensibility.

Having already been picked up by the Middle East’s premier luxury boutiques including Boutique 1 and Symphony, this exciting young designer is already raising the benchmark of Middle Eastern designers.




Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco is best known for his fabulous couture gowns. His innate creativity and masterful techniques have catapulted him to the front ranks of fashion. He has cultivated a dedicated following for the luxe and intricacy of his designs, with their fresh, elegant and detailed juxtapositions of fabric and Swarovski crystals.

Michael's celebrity clients include Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Scherzinger, Fergie Ferguson, Dita Von Teese, Brandy, Ashanti, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Chris Brown, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and, recently, Sofia Vergara at the Golden Globes 2013, who was voted Best Dressed by many TV shows and magazines in the US. Just recently, British pop star Paloma Faith wore his couture dress at the MET Gala in New York. Michael also designed several costumes for Mila Kunis for the sci-fi blockbuster movie Jupiter Ascending. He likewise enjoys the patronage of international clients from Russia, China, Macau, as well as US and European socialites who are smitten with his breathtaking couture wedding dresses.




Nafsika Skourti is half Greek, half Jordanian and half internet. In 2012 she graduated from Central Saint Martins where she was trained, educated and sleep deprived. She previously worked at Marchesa in New York and also trained in haute couture embroidery at passementerie École Lesage. In September 2014 she debuted in Paris with ‘9 to 5’, an exten-sion and elaboration of her graduate collection. The collection was bought in its entirety by leading retailer Joyce Hong Kong. This isn’t a one man show - God was kind enough to give her a sis-ter that completes the team. Stephanie is the left brain of the op-eration and together they hope to build something modern and fresh.


A contemporary brand interested in new ideas and modern clothes. Collections are built around an eclectic use of custom developed fabrics, a focus on tailoring, and subverting familiar pieces with sub-tle design features. Our process is grounded in research and experi-mentation, always in search of contrasting elements we can cross-pollinate. We keep pushing until we reach unfamiliar territory, whether that be via embroidery, print, or garment construction. Once the ele-ments in our (new) vocabulary are set, we look to translate our crea-tive impulses into desirable, cool, beautifully made products. Para-phrasing bold concepts and luxury into a visual language more colloquial, more provocative, more real. Did we use enough adjectives?




Orchid was born in November 1989 in the United States and has since also lived in Germany, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. Experiencing such diverse surroundings have given her an innovative, modern perspective on design with a vast understanding of global cultures. Raised with constant interaction with varying industries and businesses, she was from a very young age exposed to the importance of aesthetics and the power of visual languages in various fields. Her design aesthetic is described by peers as "direct yet experimental" and "poetic" in her own words. Her projects often involve a variety of conceptual and contextual styles while always comprising a clean and contemporary feel and often relating to nature, and the overall human experience.


A couture house and ready-to-wear brand based in Dubai, ORKALIA's aesthetic represents timeless elegance infused with modern sophistication. Driven by the individuality of its distinguished clients whose impeccable taste is reflected in the attention to detail, ORKALIA prides itself with being at the forefront of neo-couture, combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics and applications.





Early in her life it was already clear that Saba Tark wanted to be a designer.

 "I want to make beautiful things and express my feelings throughout fashion. Saba completed her study in Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht and Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht with a major degree in fashion and textiles,  Saba have worked with big names in the fashion industry, among others, Jan Taminiau, Viktor & Rolf, and Lidewij Edelkoort. before launching her own label SABA TARK.

Inspired by culture and art her designs are a combination of unique silhouettes and textiles created and developed by her studio.

Nomads Of The World is Saba's first collection under her own label and was nominated for the Frans Molenaar Prize. The collection showcased during a exhibition at the Centraal Museum Utrecht.




Said Mahrouf holds a degree in fashion design from the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy as well as from Pratt Institute in New York. He initially focused on the making of costumes for site-specific performances he made in collaboration with dancers. His work has been displayed at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, the Utrecht Central Museum, the Amsterdam Municipal Museum, and the Carriage Works Gallery in Sydney.

Said Mahrouf consistently presents a Prêt-à-Porter collection at Festimode-Casablanca Fashion Week. In 2008, he was invited by Jean-Pierre Moche to show his S/S 2009 collection during the Paris’ Prêt-à-Porter Salon. His collections have been stocked frequently at Galleries Lafayette in Casablanca.

In January 2012 Mahrouf presented his F/W 2012 collection at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. His S/S 2013 collection was shown at the Mediterranean Design and Fashion Week in Noto, Italy, where he was awarded best contemporary Moroccan designer.



22 October, 2015
14:00 - Hall 2




Joe Arida is a 27 year-old multi-disciplinary designer, growing up in Beirut he worked in fashion and advertising, his brand LA TERRE EST FOLLE founded in 2014 produces clothing and furniture. This is his first sartorial line.




Nour Najem, born and raised in Beirut, graduated in fashion design from ESMOD Beirut in 2012. Throughout her career, she has interned at several Lebanese designers, such as Elie Saab, Rabih Kayrouz and Caroline Seikaly.

She launched her eponymous fashion label in the spring of 2013.

Nour adresses the modern and independent woman through fluid lines, luscious fabrics, and intricate details. She combines strict geometry and architecture all the while being anchored in her oriental heritage. She is inspired by a wide range of traditional artistry; artisanal crafts and the know-how that she applies to her designs.

In 2014, Nour launched the Kenzah foundation, in parallel to her luxury fashion brand. Through this NGO, she works with talented artisans, using overlooked craftsmanship whith the hope of empowering women who come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Nour is committed to having a sustainable, reliable and responsible company, and this engagement is part of the brands’ codes.

In December 2014, Nour was selected by the STARCH foundation, the emerging talents incubator, to showcase and highlight her talent.



Mira Hayek is a Beirut based, contemporary ready to wear designer.

She was born in the 1980’s and is obsessed with geometric shapes and motifs, which she uses as a basis for her patterns and as details on her garments.

After interning at the ateliers of Elie Saab in Beirut and Erdem in London, she was selected by the STARCH Foundation in Beirut to launch her first ready to wear collection in 2011.

The mirahayek brand is dedicated to dynamic women with an effortless sense of style. They seek contemporary pieces with a fun and sporty edge that can be worn day and night, fitting perfectly in their bustling urban lifestyle.



Riccardo Audisio

Riccardo Audisio was born in the countryside in northern Italy. In June 2010, he graduated from Arts & Architecture School in Genoa, where he developed his passion for art and fashion. In October 2010, he moved to Milan to study Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni, where he met Yago Goicoechea.

Yago Goicoechea

Yago Goicoechea was born and raised in northern Argentina where he developed his earliest interest in fashion thanks to his family business: a group of women’s wear boutiques. In April 2010, he moved to Milan to study Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni.

During the second year of their three-year course, Yago and Riccardo imagined a brand that brought together their creative and artistic direction. In June 2012, they left the school and started working on the first collection of TALLER MARMO.


TALLER MARMO is a Dubai-based women’s wear brand founded in 2013. The company was named after “Taller”, the Spanish word for manual work – representing the laboratory, the artisan, and the authenticity of the handcraft – and “Marmo”, the Italian word for marble – representing fine material and Italian excellence that metaphorically refers to luxury, exoticism, decadence, and tradition.

TALLER MARMO, as a concept, was born in Italy to be based in Dubai: a bridge between European elegance and Middle Eastern charm. Inspiration is drawn from the conversation between the nostalgia of the past and the contemporary culture. The Italian tailoring with a minimal approach merges with Arabic traditions. The brand’s collections are entirely and exclusively handcrafted in Italy, with rich textiles finely enhanced by a thorough attention to detail.




Originally from kuwait, Owner of Yousef Al-Jasmi Haute Couture, he began designing at the age of 17.

Yousef has dressed lady gaga , j-Lo , taylor swift , jessie j , dita von teese , sharon stone , nicole scherzinger , kristina bazan , kesha and paris hilton.

Also Yousef boasts a long list of famous Arab celebrities that includes Shirine abdulwahab, Nawal alzuhgbi , Madiline matar, Haleema Boland, Diana Karazone, Hind bahrinya, Viviane Murad, May Hariri , Amal Al-Awadhi, Hessa Al-loghani.

In 2008 , Yousef opened his first boutique in Kuwait to provide his clientele with an unrivaled array of hand-stitched designs and intricately detailed creations.


Celebrated for his natural ability to create artistic designs, the Kuwait-based designer of Al-Jasmi , is renowned for his creativity to transcend everyday trends into vintage works of art. From ethereal bridal wear to playful prêt-a-porter, Yousef collections are all about reveling the power of femininity.

Yousef Haute Couture’s signature flair, using an enchanting mix of rich textures and lavish materials with a heavy emphasis on luxurious detailing and embellishment, reflects elegance, aesthetics and energy in equal measure. Inspirations range from romantic Shakespearean tales and vintage postcards to the vibrancy of new-age cities and the dramatics of a corpse bride.



In Persian, Zareena means golden thread.

While studying Business Management in India, Zareena first discovered the ability of luxurious fabric and rich embroidery to enhance a woman’s beauty. This inspired her to begin her worldwide search for exquisite textures, adornments and needlework that would one day become the trademark of her internationally acclaimed gowns.

It was not long till Zareena’s gowns garnered the attention of the world’s most elite clientele. In the late eighties, she launched her first collection. Her goal was to create a line characterised by timeless pieces with simple cuts and fabrics that would flow to complement a woman’s natural beauty. Her fairy-like ethereal dresses dazzled audiences. In 1994, Zareena established her fashion house Fasateen in Dubai.