MINI Fashion Beyond Native presents

TIME: Thursday, 26 October 2017 - 21:00

MINI FASHION – BEYOND NATIVE collection, a collaboration with three up-and-coming international designers. The collection sees the designers highlighting the creative tension that exists between their cultural roots and adopted homelands. Find out more about MINI FASHION here*.



Wael Hussain was born and raised in Dubai, the Middle East’s most dynamic city.

Coming from a family heritage of sartorial practices, Wael has equipped himself with the knowledge of the latest production methods and best practices of the couture industry.
His youthful restlessness and ambition would not let him rest on his laurels, as he dreamt of establishing his own brand. Brainstorming with a friend over coffee for a suitable name for his fashion line, he decided to avoid using foreign or misspelled words. His label would have to reflect his own self.
Thus in 2015, the label WAEL. was born.



Zaid has always aspired to become a fashion designer.

With a global background being an Arab American  educated in the Italian fashion techniques he found inspiration in the fusion of cultures. Imagining a woman adorned by European clean cuts, true American liberties, and the ever-existent Arab dramatization has helped him to create the globally hybrid woman, a representative of a new globalized world and the woman whom he yearns to design for.

His pieces are all handmade and abide by couture techniques, embroidery, and finishing. Furthermore, all his prints are hand painted onto the fabric therefore the wearer becomes a walking piece of art.



Artem gryshchenko and Victor Victorov are the creative duo of the brand dressaddict.

The ukrainian designers create the brand’s formula based on numerous experiments with forms, cuts and fabrics. They have managed to make a garment from some of the simplest shapes that have great wearability and versatility.
The ethos of their designs has been guided by the highest standards of quality, design and presentations.