TIME: Friday, 27 October 2017 - 21:00
Website: utruj.com 


UTRUJ lends a new vision of contemporary modest wear that women today can truly identify with. With an ambition to universalize the traditional abaya by designing it as versatile outerwear, Utruj aims to bridge the fashion gap between the Gulf and the rest of the world.

By possessing cutting-edge designs composed in sustainable, natural fabrics that are
breathable in hotter temperatures, UTRUJ is combining Western consumer consciousness with Khaleeji practicality.

 UTRUJ’s Creative Director, Laila Abduljawad, is a former jeweler with a design background, and leads a design team with an equally unique mix of professional backgrounds; from engineering, filmmaking, and product development. “We spend extensive research period drawing on the expertise of international couture and high-street brands to understand not only the design side of fashion, but also the commercial side,” says Abduljawad.