Joao Rolo

TIME: Saturday, 28 October 2017 - 16:00


Deeply attracted by Design, Joao entered the School of Decorative Arts António Arroio at a very young age, and frequented the Interior Equipment Course, and two years later, Textile Engineering where, for the first time, he was faced with the fascinating world of fabrics and fashion.

Soon after he decided to create his own brand. He opened his first store and first Atelier of couture in the 80s, which emphasized the personalized service. Three years after opening, he realized his dream; an haute couture parade!

For several years he was responsible for the designs of a Portuguese brand of sunglasses and prescription. In turn, another Portuguese brand invited him to realize the design of a collection of carpets, bed linen, towels and ceramics. Thus was born the brand "João Rôlo Home Collection".