Starch Foundation Designers Present 'Blueprint Beirut'

The Arab British Centre in partnership with Starch Foundation is pleased to present ‘Blueprint Beirut’ as part of Fashion Utopias, the British Council and British Fashion Council’s International Fashion Showcase 2016 in association with London Fashion Week.

‘Fashion Utopias’ is the fifth edition of the annual International Fashion Showcase (IFS) and forms a key part of London Fashion Week’s public-facing programme which celebrates the universal relevance of fashion in contemporary culture. This year marks Lebanon’s first participation with ‘Blueprint Beirut’, an exhibition of eight emerging designers from the Starch Foundation programme. Curated by Tala Hajjar, Starch Co-Founder and Fashion Entrepreneur, and designed by Starch Architect Elie Metni, the exhibition will unveil new pieces by Margarita Abi-Hanna, Joe Arida, Mira Hayek, Timi Hayek, Rayya Morcos, Nour Najem, Sevag Dilsizian and Bashar Assaf.

The fashion items will be displayed inside Metni’s interpretation of a deconstructed architectural blueprint of a traditional Lebanese home. By re-imagining a familiar place where rituals of the past inspire present-day life, the exhibition reflects Lebanese fashion’s journey to a future still grounded in Mediterranean heritage. “The fashion industry in Lebanon is growing exponentially every year. We are witnessing an emergence of new blood that is steering away from conventional and predictable fashion to something that is confident and bold. Yet many designers make reference to our heritage and artisanal work and this can be seen in the shapes of Rayya Morcos’ work and craftsmanship of Nour Najem’s pieces” says Tala Hajjar.