Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore and Paris are just a few of the places which have widely influenced Ana’s perception of the world and worked their way through to her unique sense of creativity and style.  After venturing in the capitals of design and fashion all around the world, Ana  finally decided to explore and pursue with her designs in the fast-forward city of Dubai.

As an architect, director and founder of BIA design studio, Ana is a designer who knows no boundaries when it comes to changing everything she sees into beautiful and unique masterpieces. Art, Architecture and Design have no limits between each other when it comes to Ana’s work, they merge together and create a perfect symbiosis which defines the imaginative platform of her projects.

Amongst her colleagues and friends, she is well known for challenging mundane concepts and letting her vision soar high when it comes to her designs in general. 



In collaboration with Fashion Forward season 6 Spring/ Summer 16’ BIA is designing an art installation.

Summer rain is a bespoke art installation designed to fit the main venue of FF in Medinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

In a pure symbiosis of Art & Fashion and embracing the Spring/ Summer theme we have created an art installation that reflects the lightness and colorfulness of the seasonal vibes.

The intention of creating a kinetic art installation was the main aim of the project, translating the dynamic and vibrant lifestyle of Dubai, full of color, movement and beat.


Summer Rain is an art installation inspired in the multi-chromatic reflections of raindrops. That particular moment when light trespasses the delicate rain tear and creates a sparkle of a million rainbow colors.

Designed to be suspended in the air and creating a cloud effect, the art installation will be located in the center of the venue allowing people to admire it from all angles. Raised 4m from the floor and with an imponent scale (8m x 8 m) the installation creates a dazzling effect over the space, reflecting its vibrant particles.

Similar to small crystals the vivid colors will be spread in the air like a magical summer rain.