Social Media & Fashion: Creating High-Impact Content

Who: FFWD Designers and d3 Creative Partners
When: February 27 2017, 2pm – 6pm (TBD)
Where: "Ahrend Inspiration Center" Ahrend Showroom, Dubai Design District, Buildling 1B, 5th Floor
Speakers/Partners: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google

"From Instagram to Facebook, from big brands to young entrepreneurs, social media can popularize a fledgling fashion brand quicker than ever before by giving a voice to designers and the communities they engage.”

Given the inevitable shift to social as the key platform for fashion designers to communicate, market and sell their brands, designers must develop their digital skills as social media offers them the chance to get onto the screens of every influencer, tastemaker and editor in the world, provided it's good enough. 

Join us for 1/2 a day workshop, lead by the digital communication experts at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, providing insights on how to maximize your brand's social media content to best attract your target audience. 

How to attend: If you are a FFWD Designer or d3 Creative Partner, you will receive an invitation to participate in each Workshop upon date confirmation. You can also email for more information.